Why Haunted History?


We are story-tellers who are in love with our beautiful town!  If you are looking to find out more about the true history of St. George's and its people in a fun and entertaining way, then this is the tour for you!  Visit our TripAdvisor page to see what others are saying! (Here's a hint: they love us!)


What's so special about St. George's?


What's not special about St. Georges?!  We're pretty biased, but UNESCO agreed that our town, which is the longest continuously inhabited town in the New World, is an incredible example of living history.  Unlike Jamestown, which is now an amazing archaelogy site, or Colonial Williamsburg, which is an impressive re-creation, St. George's has been a thriving community for over 400 years.  Haunted History celebrates this and tells our story. Find out more about our town's incredible history by visiting the St. George's Foundation, online and in person at the World Heritage Centre.


Can anyone complete the Walking Tour?

Haunted History is about 60 minutes long. In that time, we'll walk about half a mile.  So yes, you can do it! Young children may be scared by parts of the tour, so please use your discretion. And the tour is wheelchair accessible. 


Do I need a reservation?

YES!  Our maximum capacity is 25 people, and our minimum is 5 people.   We strongly encourage you to purchase a ticket ahead of time online or in person at Long Story Short on Water Street in St. George's. During the summer, tickets sell out most nights, but they will be for sale on the night until we are full.  


Email us or call (441.705.1838) on the day to find out what's available. 


What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your tour is set to start, as we require all participants to sign a waiver before departing.  


I am on a cruise ship in Dockyard/staying at a hotel in the west. How will I get to/from St. George's?  

You can catch a bus or ferry to St. George's, and while you can catch the bus back (about 2-2 1/2 hours), unfortunately, the ferry does not run into the night.   We can arrange a taxi for your group.


What if it is raining?

Haunted History will be held as long as the weather is not dangerous! In the event of inclement weather, please call us at 441.705.1838. If we do cancel, we will try to let you know at least 90 mins before so please ensure you provide us with a valid phone number or email address where you can be reached when you buy your tickets.  We will also post updates on our Facebook Page.


Do you offer private tours for groups?

Yes we do!  Contact us for more information. 


How much of a tip should I leave at the end of a tour?

While not expected, gratuities are appreciated, and are shared between our actors.  It would be great if you could tip about $5/per person in your group, but please base it on your experience!