Haunted History Featured in USA Today

Thanks to the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Haunted History Bermuda was featured in the online travel section of the USA Today! The segment, called Creepy Caribbean explained, "With its spirited history of pirates, haunted houses and witches who come back from the dead, theCaribbean is rife with spine-tingling ghost stories, paranormal sightings and devils that carry red and black pitchforks. If you're visiting around Halloween, leave the pumpkin pizzazz and trick or treating at home, put on your finest orange and black and check out our delightfully spooky itinerary." Alongside ghost tours and haunted houses in Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Trinidad, Haunted History was recommended to visitors especially for Halloween week when we added extra tours and spooky surprises.

And.. check it out! I was featured on the home page of the article!

Click here to see the article on the USA Today.

Click here to see coverage of the article in Bermuda's Royal Gazette.

How awesome is that?!

See you soon in the Ghost Towne,

Kristin White

Founder, Writer and Producer


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